Laboratory of Dendroecology

Headed by Sergey N. Goroshkevich, Doctor of Sciences

phone +7 3822 491907, e-mail: gorosh@imces.ru


Fields of research

Research of spatiotemporal and structure functional organization of varieties on the level of organisms, populations, species and groups of species amongst woody plants of Siberia for the purpose of monitoring, modeling and forecasting of their response to climate and ecosystem changes, as well as development of biological basis of interaction between nature and society.


The laboratory staff

Sergey N. Goroshkevich, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Head of the Lab., phone +7 3822 491907, e-mail: gorosh@imces.ru

Svetlana N. Velisevich, PhD, Senior Researcher, phone +7 3822 491907, e-mail: velisevich@imces.ru

Elena A. Petrova, PhD, Senior Researcher, e-mail: e_a_petrova@mail.ru

Albina P. Zotikova, PhD, Senior Researcher, e-mail: zotik.05@mail.ru

Olga G. Bender, PhD, Senior Researcher, e-mail: obender65@mail.ru

Oleg V. Khutornoy, PhD, Researcher, e-mail: hutol@rambler.ru

Alexandr N. Panov, PhD, Researcher, e-mail: Panov_1958@hotmail.com

Galina V. Vasilyeva, PhD, Researcher, e-mail: Galina_biology@mail.ru

Alexandr G. Popov, Junior Researcher, e-mail: popovaleksa@yandex.ru

Evgeniya A. Zhuk, PhD, Researcher, e-mail: eazhuk@yandex.ru

Olga A. Zhenikhova, Leading Engineer, e-mail: Zhenikh58@mail.ru

Elena I. Bocharova, Leading Engineer

Nikita S. Suyazov, Engineer, e-mail: 1s.n.s@docsis.ru

Irina I. Tatarintseva, Engineer, e-mail: iris114@yandex.ru

Natalya A. Kuzmenkova, Technician