State Universities

Tomsk State University

36 Lenin Prospekt, Tomsk, 634050, Russia

Phone: +7(3822) 529852, Fax: +7(3822) 529585, e-mail: rector@tsu.ru



Department of Radiophysics

Department of Geology and Georgraphy

Department of Physics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics

Department of Biology and Soil Science


Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics

40 Lenina Prospect, Tomsk, Russia 634050

Phone: +7(3822) 510804, e-mail: office@tusur.ru



Faculty of Radio-Engineering

Faculty of Control Systems

Faculty of Electronic Engineering


Tomsk Polytechnic University

30 Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia

Phone: +7(3822) 563470, Fax: +7(3822) 563865, e-mail: tpu@tpu.ru



Institute of Physics and Technology

Institute of High-Technology Physics

Institute of Natural Resources

Research and Analytic Centre