Current projects

  • Investigation of dynamic characteristics of the climate-forming atmospheric and hydrospheric processes.
  • Development of information and measurement technologies, and the development of algorithms for multivariate analysis for monitoring and modeling of climatic change.
  • Transformation of the energy characteristics of geosystems in the context of global climate change.
  • Ecosystem changes in the landscape and climatic boundaries in the context of global warming.
  • Volcanic perturbations of the atmosphere and climate of Siberia and the subarctic region: current status and paleoreconstructions.
  • The development of physical methods and technical means for monitoring the environment and ensure public safety.
  • The structure of biological diversity in boreal forest ecosystems: the dynamic and evolutionary aspects.
  • Web system for calculating the climatic characteristics and analysis of global and regional climate changes.
  • Integrated monitoring of current climate and ecosystem changes in Siberia.
  • Information technology, mathematical models and methods for monitoring and management of ecosystems in a stationary, mobile and remote monitoring.
  • Models of changes in the biosphere on the carbon balance (for full-scale, satellite data and taking into account the contribution of boreal ecosystems).
  • The development of scientific and technological bases of monitoring and modeling of natural processes in the Greater Vasyuganskoye swamp.
  • Instrumentation and methodological support for monitoring of climatic processes in Siberia.
  • A distributed system for collecting, storing, processing and access to remote sensing of Earth for monitoring of the socio-economic processes and the natural environment of Siberia and the Far East.
  • The gene pool of conifers in the Urals and Siberia: the structure, principles of conservation and use in breeding programs.
  • Nanometrology of aspheric surfaces.